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YoloGlypyics is a spin on the word "hieroglyphics". I intended a YoloGlyph to a be a next generation of Emoji. Totally open to the public, to create and curate their own Glyphs!

My dream was a meritocratic marketplace where the best and most popular Glyphs bubble up to the top. As opposed to the top-down system we have with Emoji, where big-tech dictates how we can communicate in the language of the internet: Emoji.


I decided to wrap up the YoloGlyphics project, at least for the time being, for several reason.

First off, I burnt out. Learned that the hard way, it had a big effect on my health working a full time job and in basically all my evenings and weekends. I loved every minute of working on it, but I just went way too hard on it.

Secondly, I always had my doubts on the project and eventually I just gave up on it. Although I think the project does have massive potential and virality. It's also quite a moon-shot without any clear path to success.

However, when my current project, plunda.co, has stabilised and is doing well, I may rekindle YoloGlyphics! All of the 85k+ Glyphs that my users created are safely backed up, should I pick-up the project again!


Release quickly

I spent a long time designing and building lots of stuff that never got used, and didn't test my assumptions as quickly as possible.

Burn out

Slow and steady wins the race. Prioritise health and well-being. Take breaks. Know your limits.


I found my users by latching onto another platform, Twitch, and building a Twitch extension.


Side-projects are extremely valuable to boost your tech-skills. I learned so much that I'd never have learned just working a regular 9-5 coding job.


Twitch usageTwitch usage

The stats for the YoloGLyphics Twitch extension

Website hitsWebsite hits

The stats for the YoloGLyphics website

Chrome extension

I also built a chrome extension, but it never got all the much usage, here's the original description:

Draw custom Emotes/Emoji and share them with friends on Discord! It's super fast and easy to use.

If you're not good at drawing, don't worry! You can search our library of Emotes too, and use those instead.

Your friends will be envious of your awesome superpowers!

The demo video for the Discord Chrome extension