Creating my first NPM module - react-base64-downloader

NPM moduleNPM module

When I was building my side project YoloGlyphics I was digging very deeply into the world of base64 encoding images. I noticed a small gap in the existing open-source ecosystem, so I decided to learn about publishing NPM modules and fill the gap!

The package is very simple, it essentially just combines two NPM modules (file-saver and b64-to-blob) into one and adds a little custom logic into the mix to connect things up. It's a React component and secondary util function into which you pass a base64 encoded png, and it'll trigger a PNG file download! See source here.

It was a very interesting deep dive into how NPM packages are architected, maintained and published as well as UMD bundles and peerDependencies. All round a good experience and very satisfying too. Especially now that it has been in the wild for a year or so and is seeing some use!

You can find the package here on NPM