My notes from the Learning how to Learn course, by Coursera

  • 25 minute chunks using Pomodoro. breaks in between.
  • Repeated over several days
  • Decide to want to dream about the subject. Even better, lucid dream about it.
  • Active better than passive learning.
  • Rich environment improves brain performance. e.g. events, people, stimulation
  • All progress involves discomfort.
  • Creativity: disagreableness and open-mindedness positively correlate (??? not sure what this one means ???)
  • Don't edit while you write. First write, dumping everything onto the page. Next edit. The two processes use different parts of the brain.
  • Chunk learning, and mix with focused practice. So take small chunk, learn it, then practice it. Then take a new chunk and repeat.
  • Practice mini chunks, patch into a larger chunk later on once you have all the pieces.
  • Identify (by getting broad overview) and learn major / key / important chunks first.
  • Using recall: look away from what you just read and see what you can recall.
  • Test yourself on subjects you are learning to ensure you are actually remembering it.
  • Recall material from within different environments to solidify you knowledge.

WIP - more to come