Flash games

When I was at school, I got into coding because of a love of games. I wanted to make my own!

I ended up making over 10 games. My first games, were to put it politely, pretty shit, but they gradually improved and eventually I had a big hit and even earned some decent money with them!

My first games, Tato Plato. You are an intergalactic potato shooting other intergalactic potatoes with lasers. I basically just re-skinned someone elses game, but of course I boasted to my friends that I'd made it all myself 😂

Tato PlatoTato Plato

One of my next games was called Buzz, this was my first big project. I spent hours on end after school perfecting the graphics and experimenting and learning about coding. You're a bee with grenades and a machine gun, tasked with protecting your hive from baddie bees attacking you with an array of blades, knives, scimitars and other such weaponry.


After building a few half decent games, I realised there was some money in this business. So I started hiring game designers and finding sponsors for my games. I started by charging sponsors in the range of $1-2k, which was big money for a school kid barely out of his nappies 🤑

I made a pixel art game where you're a "always-smiling-circular-ice-cube" that must roll and jump it's way through mazes.


And followed up with a action packed game where your hero has a giant fist, ready to punch the lights out of anything and everything.


My most successful game was a war game. I coded and made the graphics myself. It received over 20 million plays back in it's heyday, across all the various game portals. I sold it for $10k and got easily $5k from advertising revenue. I was over the moon, and remember running frantically down the stairs to tell my mum the good news when it sold 🌝


My last game, and also by far my most ambitios game was a sequel to Snipedown. It had 3 bosses, loads of enemies, upgrades, easter-eggs, a gripping plot! But unfortunately by the time I finished this game, mobile had exploded onto the scene, and the Flash game market dried up. A powerful lesson on the importance of timing.

Snipedown 2Snipedown 2