The Free City

I was living a normal life. I was a good citizen; I always passed my hourly checks, I held my tongue in public. I payed my taxes and didn't speak out of line.

It changed when they came after me. The lady was ancient. They had thrown her in the van like a sack of potatoes. I had to do something. I had to help her. I had no choice. But... well, they didn't like that. They came after me with all the had.

Officers, Tactical, Dogs, Drones, Software, Satellites... even the citizens themselves, after the countless fake news reports, wanted my head.

At first they almost got me, almost crushed me to pulp. But I scurried free, kicking and biting, screaming and cursing. After that I was more careful. Moving in the shadows and trusting none. Doing wherever necessary for my survival. Base, animalistic survival.

When I reached the coast I was changed. Wild, undomesticated, savage even.

She saved me. Without her I'd have been lost, no doubt about it. Aboard the ship she tended my wounds and nurtured my soul with her warmth. She pulled me back from the edge. She softened me.

As we approached The City, it was a sight to behold. Dazzling brilliant. More than all the myths and legends could have prepared me for. A few of couldn't wait, we jumped and swam for it.

Splashing aboard the city dripping and delirious. The colours, smells and smiles lifted our spirits. Our hearts soared. We cried like children. The sea city was free, gloriously free.

The was my new home.

The floating metropolisThe floating metropolis source