Drum and Bass recommendations

I recently asked a friend who is deeply knowledgeable about Drum and Bass music the following question. He gave me a fantastic reply, which I thought was worth sharing with the world at large. Here’s my question:

“hey mate thought I’d ask if you can recommend any drum and bass? have been really enjoying Calibre and Netsky recently…”

And the response:

I’d class Calibre and Netsky both as liquid Drum n Bass artists but they’re also at different ends of the liquid spectrum. Calibre is chill, Netsky tends to be more energetic.

For Netsky, I’d stick to anything newer off Hospital Records (since ~2010)

For example:


High Contrast


Marcus Intalex

Artists like the, sadly passed :(, Marcus Intalex — Easily a favourite of mine, I love him

For Calibre similarity you wanna go a bit older, back when liquid was more soulful

And for Calibre similar artist check out Commix, a Metalheadz duo — split up now, but solid for years


Their album Call to Mind is up there in Top 10 LPs of all time

A little Darker

And just for something a bit darker and movie-score like, try this:

whole album, and its fuckin' beautiful

Generally, a really good tip for finding new drum & bass is to find the label something was released on and go through their back catalog.

Or, just go through the artist’s catalogshelflife, shelflife vol 2 & even if — are all quality.

Not every release is a classic though. Some artists are more likely than others to do that. Calibre is one of them, I would say Marcus Intalex is another.

At this point, I gleefully reply:

“I’ve been watching the links pile up and rubbing my hands together 😅😅 thanks a lot this is great!! looking forward to this 🙂

And then, the pile continues!!

Oh wow, I forgot Marky!

Marky, the Brazilian don. Fantastic chilled party music.


very upbeat summer-y tunes

Oh, and Logistics — another Hospital Records artist — bit older, like ~2006ish His album “Now more than ever” is seriously amazing, very uplifting tracks without being cheesy

So many good ones on that

And there’s Calibre’s album Spill-Perfect summer BBQ music

Calibre — Spill

If you want darker stuff, come back and ask me another time! This Doesn’t even touch the surface haha

I finally reply excitedly:

“hahah this is beautiful, thanks for you help I’ll dig into what you’ve given me!”