Discworld collection

Discword 🪐Discword 🪐

I recently started purchasing a pile of English books while I can - the plan is to transport them all to Spain so I've got plenty of books to fill my library, and keep me entertained!

This led me to rediscover my love of the Discworld books and have found myself attempting the impossible. Locating every book in the series before I leave the UK again!

Doing pretty well so far, but to be fair, I cheated. Found around 15 books in person but then ran out of time so filled in the gaps in my collection from eBay. Still a few to go though:

No. Title Type Subseries Notes
1 The Colour of Magic Paperback Rincewind
2 The Light Fantastic Paperback Rincewind
3 Equal Rites Witches
4 Mort Paperback Death
5 Sourcery Paperback Rincewind
6 Wyrd Sisters Paperback Witches
7 Pyramids Paperback Djelibeybi
8 Guards! Guards! Paperback City Watch
9 Eric Paperback Rincewind
10 Moving Pictures Industrial Revolution
11 Reaper Man Paperback Death
12 Witches Abroad Paperback Witches
13 Small Gods Paperback Omnia
14 Lords and Ladies Paperback Witches
15 Men at Arms Paperback City Watch
16 Soul Music Paperback Death
17 Interesting Times Paperback Rincewind
18 Maskerade Hardback Witches
19 Feet of Clay Paperback City Watch
20 Hogfather Paperback Death
21 Jingo Hardback City Watch
22 The Last Continent Paperback Rincewind
23 Carpe Jugulum Hardback Witches
24 The Fifth Elephant Hardback + Paperback City Watch
25 The Truth Hardback Industrial Revolution
26 Thief of Time Hardback Death
27 The Last Hero Rincewind
28 The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents Überwald
29 Night Watch Hardback City Watch
30 The Wee Free Men Paperback Tiffany Aching
31 Monstrous Regiment Hardback Industrial Revolution
32 A Hat Full of Sky Tiffany Aching
33 Going Postal Hardback Moist von Lipwig
34 Thud! Hardback City Watch
35 Wintersmith Tiffany Aching
36 Making Money Hardback Moist von Lipwig
37 Unseen Academicals Football
38 I Shall Wear Midnight Tiffany Aching
39 Snuff Hardback City Watch
40 Raising Steam Hardback Moist von Lipwig
41 The Shepherd's Crown Tiffany Aching