Portfolio of a bona fide hustler Javascript dev.


  • You'll find me somewhere sunnyisland glyph
  • working hard for a fin-tech startupwork glyph
  • dreaming up side-projectsdream glyph
  • HODLing bitcoinbitcoin glyph
  • reading great booksbook glyph
  • or training at the parkweight glyph
  • never without a notebookpencil glyph
  • likely speaking Spanglishspain glyph
  • seeking growth and freedomplane glyph
  • aware that life is shortwatch glyph


Coming soon
A MMOG in which you mine for resources in a procedurally generated universe
Horse in Motion
Open link 🔗
A interactive stop-motion animation and films of a horse figurine being sculpted
A software platform to help dealers of antique coins more easily sell on eBay
Open link 🔗
A popular online pixel-art Emoji creation suite


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